For the last three years, Berndt Evenson has been treating audiences to his unique brand of original, albeit eclectic electronic music known as Alluvion. Evenson has been in various musical groups since he was a teenager, all the while developing a skill for electronic production, and pursuing his love for live performances. During April and May of 2017, Alluvion toured parts of the Midwest, Mountain states and Pacific Northwest - performing 30+ shows in over a dozen states. Alluvion continued to tour in the Midwest during the fall of 2017 and throughout 2018.
Alluvion’s first release “The Deepest Depths of Shallow Waters” (March, 2016), marked a whole new beginning for Alluvion in more ways than one. It is an impressive new turn and continues to show that Alluvion’s music is anything but predictable. Since then, during the early Winter of 2017 & Fall of 2017, Alluvion made two more releases.
The Alluvion concert experience features live guitar and heavily effect driven layered vocals over psychedelic trip-hop down tempo beats. Evenson seems determined to assure audience members, that this isn’t typical EDM or basement rock; however, once you’ve seen or heard Alluvion, that becomes delightfully apparent.

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